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Since 1995 All American Home Inspection Service has inspected homes in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  Don Sr. has personally inspected over 15,000 homes and for the past 7 years has been assisted by his son Don Jr. on 4,00 inspections.   When inspecting homes there are many things that come into play, Wisdom that comes with age, Experience, Physical agility, Keen eyesight, People skills, Communications and Documenting findings are all equally important, if you are too big to fit in the attic, get into the crawl space, too scared to walk the roof, too weak to lift the ladder all of the experience in the world will not find the problems located there.  All American also Performs Radon Testing, Lead Visual and is licensed to perform WDI (Termite) inspections.


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The Owner, Donald Pyle Sr. was the founding Chairperson appointed by Governor Jack Markell to help set up the Rules and Regulations for inspecting homes in the State of Delaware , is a 20+ year member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), is licensed in Delaware and Maryland (Pennsylvania does not require a license) .


Don’s experience with residential construction materials began in the 70’s while working for a major building materials supplier reviewing new products and technologies, determining the correct materials used for thousands of projects. In addition, he managed plumbing and electrical departments of the company for 5 years. Purchasing his first investment property in the 80’s he has personally been involved in the construction, renovation, subdivision of many projects.

Don has taken and is qualified to teach courses dealing with residential construction including home inspection, pest inspection, roofing, insulation, building materials, HVAC (heating & air), plumbing and electrical.

We also continue to keep abreast of the changing materials and evolving technology in residential construction.


Please take 5-10 minutes to read our Website which took me 40 years to learn and hours to write...

Get some background on the home inspections process. 

A sample of the various types of homes and inspectors, buyers and seller encounter, some useful information as well. 

What you can expect and what is expected from you throughout the home inspection process. 

Reach out to us directly. Let us answer your questions, and remove any fear and mystery behind home inspections. 

We're here to help. 

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