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Click the headings below to learn what is expected from you as well as what you can expect from us, from a customer's perspective.

Couple and Builder

I find it amusing when buyers are shopping for the Cheapest, i.e. most inexperienced inspector. ?


Remember you are looking for Experience and not Buying a Dozen Bananas .

Experience, Good Eyesight, and the ability to enter tight areas is important. We find evidence in 2 out of 3 homes every day.We do not repair, treat or mitigate anything we find, we remain totally unbiased.

The home inspection is about the house and yes everyone is special however we will not slant a report one way or another, everyone in a transaction...

Recommended for all homes unless they have vented crawl space beneath. Remember that there are 2 of us that are VERY EXPERIENCED and we arrive early, so please arrive on time and with as few distractions as possible...

Our reports are written in plain  English and are about 16 Pages with approximately 100 Pictures, No Check Marks or Hieroglyphics. Major Items are in Bold Print. Some Companies Inspection reports are over 80 Pages of Nonsense CYA (Canned) Language. Note: Years ago I did help to write 400 Page Homeowners Manual, but with YouTube it became obsolete.

Sample Language between different reporting styles. 


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