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Because we do not repair, treat or mitigate anything we find, we remain totally unbiased after more than 20 years in this field I can tell you that it is IMPORTANT.

The home inspection is about the house and yes everyone is special however we will not slant a report one way or another, everyone in a transaction should be treated fairly.   

This is where experience is important because for numerous reasons some will try to influence our findings by stating that the seller is older or sick, deal is “as is”, seller does not have any money, etc. If the house needs a roof it needs a roof, however on the other hand if the buyers wants a new roof but it is not leaking, technically by the contract it does not qualify as a defect (this is known as “old but functioning”).  

This is what disclosures are for, READ the DISCLOSURE before submitting the offer because if the seller’s disclosure stated that the roof was 17 years “old” and the buyer wants a new roof they should put it in the offer to purchase upfront.  

Don’t get me wrong though 2 out of 3 roofs have defects that need to be repaired (ridge vents, plumbing vent collars etc.) and about once a week we do call for a new roof.  If it is a close call we will call for a roof certification and honestly most roofers will recommend that the roof be replaced.  

Fair and honest is best. 

It is funny how many Sellers are upset when they get their inspection repair addendum only to call us a week later to have us preform an inspection on the home they are buying. 

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