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Prior to 2010 Home inspecting was the wild west and anyone could call themselves a home inspector.  Often times, in order to protect their clients, the better Relators recommended an ASHI Certified Inspector because the criteria required that the inspector perform at least 250 Home Inspections and take an 8 hour test before they were certified. 

As information Don Sr. was the President of the local ASHI chapter for 8 years before resigning to help the State when they decided to “protect consumers” and create The State of Delaware Board of home Inspectors to establish minimum standards for licensing Home inspectors.  Don Sr. was the founding Chairperson on that committee and still sits on the board to help guide them. 

At first the standards in Delaware mirrored that of an ASHI Certified Inspector but have since been lowered to provide a license to inspectors with less than 1/3 of the requirements of the ASHI Certified Requirements. 


When selecting an inspector remember that you are not buying a dozen bananas, So beware that just because an individual is licensed they may not be the same a seasoned professional. To be frank, it takes about 1,000 inspections before things click, i.e.


  • What kind of home it this?

  • What are the materials?

  • How are they reacting with the newer materials?  

  • Where should the problems for this age and type of house be located?  

  • How to phrase the defect properly?

  • What geographical area is the home located in?  

It all comes into play.

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