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Learn about home inspection history and the some more useful information on home inspections

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Prior to 2010 Home inspecting was the wild west and anyone could call themselves a home inspector. 

The better Relators in order to protect their clients often recommended an ASHI Certified Inspector because...

We do not repair, treat or mitigate anything we find, we remain totally unbiased.

The home inspection is about the house and yes everyone is special however we will not slant a report one way or another, everyone in a transaction...

Remember that there are 2 of us that are VERY EXPERIENCED and we arrive early, so please arrive on time and with as few distractions as possible...

Yes, Yes and YES. 

I always shake my head when someone will spend 30 years paying the mortgage and are not going attend their home inspection because they are too busy to learn about the 30 issues (typically between 30 and 100 items

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