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Remember that there are 2 of us that are VERY EXPERIENCED and we arrive early, so please arrive on time and with as few distractions as possible. This is not the time to pick out paint or carpet). If friends or family wish to attend, that's fine but they should not be a distraction; this about a home you will be living in for years. Stay focused because you may not even end up buying the home or worse yet not understand the defects. 

Typically buyers will be in out and you will have the printed report in your hand in 2 to 3 hours.  If you want to measure something a good time is at the end when the report is printing.  Yes 95% of the time (if we can do it safely) we walk the roof and 99% of the time (Water, Sewage, critters etc.) we enter the crawl space (that’s why crawl spaces cost extra).  Many inspectors are too large or can no longer bend, crawl or duck walk. 




Typically we arrive early to prepare and will turn on the water (and check it a few times) while doing paperwork with the buyers (some leaks and clogged sewer lines will take an hour to show up) then I’ll hold the ladder while my son walks the roof, as information many inspectors will not walk the roof or run the water for an hour, (on the plumbing side, how are they are going to find that 2nd floor bath leak, or a leak in the crawl space, or basement and on the roof discover the ladder jack holes, soft sheathing, loose ridge vents and nails that have popped through the shingles without walking? (some inspectors try to do it with a drone or worse yet with binoculars from the street)   Next with the buyers walking with Sr. we'll do the Exterior, Garage, Basement, Electric panel and mechanicals whilte Jr. enters the attic to check trusses and cracked rafters then the interior, outlets, plumbing fixtures, doors and faulty window seals (about $125-200 each to repair due to condensation because about 30 years ago the manufactures stopped putting argon gas in windows and just pulled a vacuum), it takes a keen young eyes to spot them when it is not below freezing.  


Do you want an inspector that Loves their job and is willing to go above and beyond vs. an employee who is just Doing their job and looking for excuses to say that they cannot check something?  Example earlier this year there was a crawl space that was a little muddy (1/4”)  consequently the prior inspector did not enter and the buyer bought the home, 2 years later when they were selling we came in behind and found major termite damage ($10’s of thousands) that had happened over years and years.   Technically the inspector was protected (mud at the entrance), but we were able to get in there and I’d bet if his daughter was buying the home he/she would have made it in there.  Being physically fit is very important when entering attics, walking roofs and entering crawl spaces. 

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