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All homes have different issues in different areas that is why experience is important.


Townhomes - typically they are wide with floor joists spanning long distances, many have been built in the era of PB plumbing.  Many have FRT plywood (Fire Retardant Sheathing) along the edges between the homes and typically it deteriorates at about 18-25 years, roofs last 20 years it can be easily stepped through.  


Cape Cod - Most did not have a finished upstairs when they were built and many homeowners have finished it themselves.


Ranch Homes - are some of the best homes ever built in Delaware however most have vinyl siding and block foundations therefore the homes do not weigh enough and the walls push in which require expensive repair.


Condos - many condominium owners do not maintain their units on average there are about 10 issues.


Modular Homes – the ranch homes do well and most are good product, the 2 story homes tend to settle.


Mobile Homes – The manufactured homes are typically not constructed as well as stick built or Modular homes.


2-Story Homes - Plumbing in the ceiling can make it difficult to diagnose leaks, sellers frequently patch the ceiling and cover the leak only to be discovered after running the water for an hour.  Look for settlement at the rim boards 1 foot and 9 foot levels often time the siding will pop loose due to cross grain shrinkage of the spring wood.

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